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The Mark Nixon Studio which opened in 2001, is Ireland’s leading family photography studio. Based in a custom built, state of the art photography studio on the main Clontarf Road, only 2 miles from Dublin City Centre. We specialise in creating beautiful family photography to hang on your walls. Winner of numerous photographic awards, both at home and abroad, including “Photographer Of The Year”, we have the passion, expertise and experience to make the whole Family Photo Shoot Experience a memorable and enjoyable time for everyone in the family. The results of which will be cherished forever and passed down through the generations of your family.
Everything we do is done in-house, from photographing to retouching. Printing and custom framing, so we can control the whole process to the highest standards and using the best materials available.


About Mark

In June 1995, suffering from a particularly bad case of writers block, I bought a camera, thinking a hobby would give me something other than music to think about and then I’d be able to go back to writing songs. I haven’t picked up the guitar since. Photography came very easily to me. I understood it instinctively and the results, (compared to writing a song, which might take a year, by which time I couldn’t tell if it was any good or not) were instant. I started getting work immediately and soon had to give up signing on the dole (very traumatic) and even my part time waiter’s job. My first big job was a series of book covers for Poolbeg Press, which I couldn’t believe they actually hired me for, since I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. I was given a rough brief and had to find locations, props, models etc. For all you photogs, I was shooting transparency film on a Pentax 67 with no polariods, using filters, mixing daylight and tungsten and keeping my fingers crossed that they would turn out. I travelled to each location on my bicycle, with the lights balanced precariously in a suitcase on the handlebars, camera and tripod strapped to my back. Ahh, the good old days. I love photographing people. There is still something magical that happens between the subject, me and the camera that still surprises me. I still feel like I've only just started.


About David

David Donnelly grew up with a camera in his hands. He is a second generation photographer, his father Ken being a well known professional photographer in Donegal. David has worked as a photographer for most of his life, apart from the time he ran away to the circus. He is the studio manager here at Mark Nixon Studio, keeping Mark on track, handling client queries and generally being an all round nice guy to deal with. As well as photographing, David is the master at helping clients figure out what they want when it comes to their ordering session.


List of Awards

Irish Professional Photographer of the Year National Photographic Awards Ireland.
Photographer of the Year British Photographic Awards UK.
Portrait Photographer of the Year Kodak Awards Ireland.
Photographer of the Year Kodak Awards Ireland.
Masterpiece Award Fuji Film Awards Ireland.
6 Gold Awards WPPI Las Vegas USA.
Photographer of the Year P.T.O. Madeira.
Photographer of the Year Fuji Masterpiece Awards Ireland.
Portrait Photographer of the Year British Photographic Awards UK.
Best Monochrome, Best Portrait and Overall Best Image National Photographic Awards Ireland.
Portrait Photographer of the Year British Photographic Awards UK .
Best Portrait National Photographic Awards Ireland.
British Photographic Awards 3 from 1 Winner UK.
Fashion Portfolio Award National Photographic Awards Ireland.
Portrait Portfolio Award National Photographic Awards Ireland.
Photographer of the Year British Photographic Awards UK.
Best Portrait National Photographic Awards Ireland
Fashion Portfolio Award. National Photographic Awards Ireland

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